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What is really cool? Like eCopy Desktop and eCopy Paperworks you can activate the trial. 
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  1. FREE online training for the eCopy Brand 
  2. Comes standard with 18 months support. 
  3. And that is why you are paying $169.00. 
  4. We don't care which one you buy we support both 
  5. Nuance direct support phone number is 888 201 1400
  6. www.twitter.com/yodaswords 
  7. We Nuance's #1 re-seller worldwide of the eCopy brand. 
  8. scott.salisbury@5thnk.com
  9. scott.salisbury@eCopySoftware.com
  10. scott.salisbury@PowerPDF.co 
  11. 5thNK.com LLC will be on your credit card.